Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Remove Windows 7 Password Login/ Logon Screen with or without Password?

In most computer forums, We can see that there are too many Windows 7 users ask about how to remove Windows 7 password.

Q1: I need to remove my Windows 7 starter password- I go to control panel - user account-remove password but it can not...
Q2: I forgot my Windows 7 password but have no reset disk to remove it. Is there any other way to fix it?
Q3: I want to remove the win 7 admin password which is the only account in my computer. Is there a program i can burn it to cd to remove password like win XP or is there another way?

remove windows 7 password

So we can see that, some of them wish to skip the Windows 7 login screen and sign in to Windows 7 automatically. While others forgot Windows 7 password locked of the computer and need to remove password so that regained access to the locked PC.

Here in this tutorial, I will show you 2 ways to remove or reset Windows 7 password. Way 1 only works if you remember the current password and want to sign in automatically. If you need to remove forgotten Windows 7 password and login into locked computer, have a try Way 2.

Way 1: How to Remove password Windows 7 if You can Login in?

Solution 1: From Control Panel

Well, we can change or remove Win 7 password from Control Panel if we remember the current password. Here show you how to do it:
[1]: First click the Start button and then choose Control Panel.
[2].Click User Accounts and Family Safety, and then Click User Accounts.
[3]. From the right side of the window, click Remove your password.
[4].Enter your current password then click Remove Password to delete your password.
Now you have deleted your Windows 7 account password, so you will no need to og on when your computer starts any longer.

Solution 2: Enable Auto Login for Windows 7

If you don’t need to password protect your Windows 7 computer any longer, you can make full use of the automatic login feature included in Windows 7, which allows you to log into your computer without entering a password each time you boot.

[1]. First click the Start button, find the text search box, then type netplwiz adn press Enter.
[2]. Here we can see the User Accounts window. First uncheck the option that says Users Must Enter a User Name and Password to Use This Computer. Then click Apply.
[3].You’ ll see a username and password box. Enter in the appropriate information here and hit OK.
Here you will no be prompted to enter your password upon login any longer

Way 2: How to Remove Windows 7 Password if Forgot it or Locked Out of Computer?

It is really worried that when we forgot Windows 7 password and locked out of computer but need to use it urgently. You know that you can reinstall OS but no sure whether it cause data loss or not. More worst, you are still at a loss and wonder how to do it. In this condition, you have to try some Windows 7 password reset program.

Certainly, Windows Password Reset Tool ( is the most powerful Windows 7 password removal tool. It can help you remove any Windows 7 account password no matter administrator or user account. Moreover, it only takes you few clicks to finish. Except from Windows 7, it also support Windows 8.1/8/Vista/XP password reset.

Here is a video guide on how to remove Windows 7 password with Windows Password Key step by step:

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Windows 7 Still as King Despite the Release of Windows 8.1

According to Net Applications / December 2, 2013, Windows 7 market share still growing despite the recently released Windows 8.1 gained users.

From the above figure, we can see that Windows 7 inched to 46.64% in November, up from 46.42% in October. It managed to grow by 0.22 percentage point. Meanwhile, Windows 8 fell 0.87% to 6.66% global market share. Windows 8.1 managed to grow by 0.92% and most of that growth came from Windows 8 users who are allowed to upgrade to the new platform for free. Therefor, the total gain of Windows 8 and 8.1 is 0.05%. Generally speaking, this is a weak figure and really disappointment for Microsoft. Moreover, the market share of Windows XP held steady. Its market share still fell 0.02 percentage point, from 31.24% to 31.22%. (with 31.2 percent of all computers)

All in all, Windows 7 and XP have remained strong while Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 adoption numbers have been slow to grow. This is not a good signs for Microsoft as it could show that many users have still not taken a liking to Microsoft's new touchscreen-centric operating system. In other words, many users do not want to pay $119.99 for the company's latest operating system.

However, Microsoft still trying to convince more users to ditch Windows 7 and Windows XP in favor of Windows 8 or 8.1. As we have already know that Microsoft would like to see Windows XP users move onto latest versions of Windows as it plans to stop supporting the 2001 operating system after April 8, 2014. Well, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 were the only operating system to gain share between October and November. Though Windows 7 is still king, Windows 8.1 is not so bad. On one hand, In October, a report released by Microsoft indicated that Windows XP and Windows 7 users were much more likely to suffer malware infections than Windows 8 users. On the other hand, while some still cling onto Windows 7, gamers by and large are moving up and ditching Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP for the latest and greatest. Microsoft should be happy as the gaming market can be very picky; if performance isn’t top notch, the operating system is shunned.

Gong forward, we expect more Windows XP user move to Windows 8.1 and don’t hate Windows 8, just as Microsoft expect. And Windows 7 will still be the king in a long time. What do you think about?